youtube, download Tokyo Ghoul One of the most anticipated genres of anime lovers are action, horror, mystery, and supernatural. All those genres are packed in one anime which is the Tokyo Ghoul. Because of its plot, Tokyo Ghoul becomes popular in the year 2021. The plot revolved around a boy named Kaneki who fancied a ghoul named Rize. Rize tried to devour Kaneki. However, the boy survived after the operation since the body organs of Rize were within him. And that was the reason why Kaneki, became a half ghoul-half human. The anime has now been split into two seasons, each with 12 episodes.

Every episode you watch is something you eagerly anticipate. The complete series of this anime can be watched on some anime streaming sites like Kissanime, 4anime, 9anime, and so on. You can also hear their opening song on Youtube which really makes everyone excited. Their song is one of the admired songs of anime lovers because of its superb beat. There are those who say you need to hear their opening song to make you enjoy watching it more. So, to help you extract their music from Youtube, let a third-party tool do it for you. VideoPower GREEN or ZEUS will help you to download Tokyo Ghoul easily.

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The VideoPower GREEN (will jump to will support you in recording your desired music. This tool has an audio and video recording that is very useful. You can use this tool as an alternative for downloading music and videos. It has plenty of features that you will surely love.

Download Tokyo Ghoul Music- Audio Recording

Step 1: Prepare the Music for Recording

Open the Youtube site and search for the theme song of Tokyo Ghoul. Click the video once you found it and load it for a little while.

download tokyo ghoul, prepare music

Step 2: Set Recording Type to Audio

To record the Tokyo Ghoul song, open the software then click the “Record” button. Then select the “Audio” format for recording.

download tokyo ghoul, set recording format

Step 3: Start Recording

After you selected the “Audio” recording type, go back to the Youtube site and click the “Play” button of the song you want to record. The recording will then begin. Use the toolbar of the software to control your recording. Click the “Stop” button to end your recording instantly.

download tokyo ghoul, start recording

Step 4: Recording is Complete

When you press the “Stop” button, your recording is automatically saved. Right-click the recorded file to see more options.s You may also double-click the file to play it on your computer right away.

download tokyo ghoul, complete recording


Listening to the songs of the anime you are watching is will hype you up. If you listen to their theme song while watching it, you have the urge to watch more episodes. Watch Kaneki’s journey unfold and raise your hands to the rhythm of their song.

Download Tokyo Ghoul unravel music with the help of an alternative tool. Let VideoPower GREEN be your tool in recording the anime and its theme song. This software has different formats for recording that you will surely love. It also has a screenshot function so that you can take screenshots while recording.

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