Zombieland Saga RevengeNowadays, zombies appear in almost every film or television series. It’s either Kdrama, Hollywood films, or anime. Just like Zombieland Saga Revenge- the most popular anime. Because of its intriguing premise, this anime has been a talked-about anime since its release in 2021. This anime has a lot of good reviews on every anime forum site. You will be intrigued with its synopsis which is legendary girls resurrected as zombies through space-time to save the Saga Prefecture as idols in this new idol animation.

You can watch this anime series on Crunchyroll. However, you will be needing the help of a third-party tool since the site does not allow it for offline streaming. The greatest Crunchyroll downloader you will ever have is the VideoPower RED or ZEUS software. With the help of the said application, you can easily download Zombieland Saga Revenge and download Zombieland Saga Revenge batch.

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Videopower RED (will jump to videopower.me) offers a feature that allows you to download multiple files at once. You may also use it to make a high-quality screen recording instead of downloading. This tool is constantly updated to meet the needs of its users who want to download and record anime movies and series from thousands of different websites.

Method 1: Screen Recording Anime

Step 1: Set Format to MP4

Ascertain that the recording is in MP4 format. To do so, simply launch the software and click the “Settings” icon.

download Zombieland Saga Revenge, settings

A new window will popup after that. Select “Record” from the drop-down menu. Set the format to MP4 next. Finally, to save your changes, click the “OK” button.

download Zombieland Saga Revenge, set to mp4 format

Step 2: Prepare the Anime Video

Launch the Crunchyroll site and search for Zombieland Saga Revengers episodes. Click the video you want to be recorded to have it load for a while.

download Zombieland Saga Revenge, prepare video

Step 3: Choose the “Region” Recording Mode

To begin recording, you must first select the recording format you want to utilize. Click the “Record” button under the “Record” menu. Then a dropdown will then commence. Click the “Region” format.

download Zombieland Saga Revenge, set region format

Step 4: Start to Use Screen Recording

After you select the “Region” format, a countdown will show off on your screen. Once the countdown is over, just head back to the Crunchyroll site and click th e”Play” button of the Zombieland Saga Revenge episode you want to record.

download Zombieland Saga Revenge, play video to record

You may use the control taskbar of the software to edit, pause, or stop your recording.

download Zombieland Saga Revenge, stop recording

Step 5: Recording is Complete

The recorded anime will be saved instantly in your recording list. Watch it now by double-clicking the file. You may also see more options once you right-click it.

download Zombieland Saga Revenge, complete recording


Since most of us are obsessed with zombies, this Zombieland Saga Revenge is ideal for you! This anime series has received a lot of positive feedback, so don’t be concerned about the plot.

Download Zombieland Saga Revenge now and watch it at your convenient time with the use of VideoPower RED application. You may use this tool to download the first and second season of the said anime series. Since this software gas a batch downloading feature, it would be easier for you to have its episodes all at once!

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