Halloween is the time of year to watch horrific, spine-tingling horror films that will keep you up at night. There are a lot of new horror anime coming up as the month of November approaches. The Last Vampire anime is a 2000 anime film directed by Hiroyuki Kitakubo that has a 50 episode series. Because of the great reviews and story of the anime that was premiered in 2009, they made another feature called Last Blood. However, when compared to the source material, it received mixed reviews and was condemned.

The Last Vampire anime is a must-watch anime if you are looking for a gruesome anime. If you want to watch this anime especially at night, better download it for continuous watching. There is also an alternative tool for downloading that ensures good quality video. Screen recording is the most effective method for downloading Halloween anime. The greatest screen recording you will ever have is the VideoPower GREEN or ZEUS.

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The VideoPower GREEN (will jump to videopower.me) application is a tool that will help you save and download halloween anime 2020. This software will amaze you since it can also do screen capture while you are recording your anime. You may also add texts, adn shapes while recording. Modifying and making your anime unique is really possible with the help of this tool.

Screen Recording

Step 1: Prepare The Last Vampire Anime Episode

Better load your movie first before taking a screen recording to ensure a smooth recording. In this example, we will open the Chia-anime website and look for The Last Vampire episode.

halloween anime, prepare anime for recording

Step 2: Set the Recording Area

Set the appropriate recording area by simply launching the program and press the “record” button. A selectable list of available recording areas will appear after that. Once you’ve selected the recording area, click the “OK” button, and the countdown will begin.

halloween anime, set recording

Step 3: Begin to do Screen Recording

Before the countdown ends, head back to the anime video and click “Play” of the anime you want to be recorded. Just use the control taskbar of the software to pause or stop the recording. You may also use it for editing your video while recording.

halloween anime, start recording

Step 4: Screen Recording Completed

The software will be immediately saved on your device once you press the “Stop” button. To watch and enjoy your anime, double-click the recorded file. You can also right-click the file to see other alternatives are available.

halloween anime, complete recording


Horror anime creates a tense mood. They like Mystery anime that invite viewers to understand more about their universe. However, there may be some secrets that should be kept hidden. By employing spooky music and sounds, visceral or frightening imagery, or startling circumstances, it makes you feel frightened. Those feelings can be felt when you start to watch The Last Vampire anime.

Better watch it now so that you will not miss your chance especially the VideoPower GREEN software will help you download Halloween anime. This tool will ensure that the video captured during the screen recording is of high quality.

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