animeland naruto download KimCartoon is an online service provider that offers free anime or cartoons streaming. Its whole video library is available to stream in high definition. Aside from the anime, you will also enjoy reading all of its manga collections. If you’re one of the many people concerned about the legality of the site’s contents, rest assured that KimCartoon is one of the few anime sites that delivers legal anime streaming, with a user rating of 4.33 stars. Another great feature it has is that it allows users to upload several anime videos, store, and display a wide variety of media.

This site has a lot of anime and cartoons to offer that you will surely love. However, they do not allow downloading videos. And every time you try to stream, before you can play your anime video, many pop-ups will appear, or you will be redirected to another tab when you click the play button. This is the most annoying part when you watch it online. In addition, before playing the anime or cartoon, there will be a thirty second countdown that you will really fail. That is why you need to have the tool such as the VideoPower RED or ZEUS as an alternative for Kimcartoon video downloader.

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You can only download one video or music file at a time using the free version of Kimcartoon Video Downloader. Upgrade to the full version for unlimited and batch Kimcartoon video downloads.

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ZEUS for Windows Free Download

VideoPower RED (will jump to will help you save the latest anime you want. Besides the great download capabilities, the software can also be used to record any episode or movie for offline viewing. When you do the recording, you don’t have to worry about the loud sound in your background because you can change it with this tool.

How to Record Kimcartoon Videos

Step 1: Select Recording Mode

Open the software then click the Record menu. You will see some features such as “Record” and “System Sound.” Click the “Record” tab to select the recording mode you want.

Step 2: Proceed to Recording

After you select your desired recording mode, select the area where you want to record then click “OK”. A countdown will then commence indicating that the recording will start. Simply click the “Stop” button in the recording control panel to end the recording. You can also pause it if you wish to.

kimcartoon video downloader, start recording

Step 3: Playback and Enjoy your Recorded Video

The recording files will be saved instantly on your recording list. Simply double-click the recording to play it, or right-click the file to open options like Play, Convert, Remove Selected, and so on. You can also know the location of the file if you click the “Open Folder” icon.

kimcartoon video downloader, recording complete


Kimcartoon is a user-friendly site because it not only focuses on anime movies but also provides us with cartoons and comics documentation. Except for the ads and pop-ups, everything is fine. Since a lot of ads keep appearing at the bottom of the screen, it interferes with watching the Cartoon, which will annoy you.

VideoPower RED is the right tool for kimcartoon video downloader. With this tool in just a few minutes, you can watch your favorite anime at your convenient time without any delay. This tool has an advanced feature that will make your recording more exciting because you can edit the volume depending on your desired strength or softness. You can also do the copy and paste method for faster download.

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