Cowboy BebopSome may say that anime is just only for kids. Other forum sites already debated about it. However, anime is for all ages. It only depends upon the genre you are watching. Cowboy Bebop is an anime that is really recommended especially for adults. This anime is really popular not just in Japan but also in other countries, specifically in the United States. Many people adored this anime because of the style, characters, story, voice acting, animation, and soundtrack.

Cowboy Bebop Anime Netflix is available on Netflix’s site. You may also watch it on different anime sites. This anime has been also adapted into a TV series where you can distinguish its differences to record cowboy bebop anime vs. manga. With VideoPower GREEN or ZEUS, you can now watch and record the Cowboy Bebop anime TV series!

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VideoPower GREEN (will jump to will let you record bebop anime using its screen recording function. You may watch it in HD format once you use its recording feature. Modify and beautify your video while you record. This tool will have an Edit function for you to add texts and shapes.

Steps in Recording Cowboy Bebop Anime TV Series

Step 1: Get Ready for your Anime

Go to the Gogoanime site and search for Cowboy Bebop Anime. Once you found it. Click the first episode and get ready for the recording.

record cowboy bebop anime, get ready the episode

Step 2: Set for Recording Area

Set the recording area you want to record. To set it, open the software then click the “record” button. A list of options available will then display.

record cowboy bebop anime, set recording area

Once you have selected your desired area, a countdown will then begin.

save animation, countdown

Step 3: Start Recording

There will be a control bar that will display on your screen while you make your recording. You may use that if ever you want to pause or stop your recording.

save animation, start recording

Step 4: Watch the Recorded Cowboy Bebop Anime

After the recording is over, it will be saved directly to your recorded list. Right-click the recorded file and see more options available. You may also double-click it to start watching.

save animation, complete recording


If you want to properly comprehend its TV adaptation series, Cowboy Bebop Anime is a must-watch anime. You may have some ideas about what will happen in the series, but rest assured that you will not be spoiled because some of the situations are twisted.

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