Tokyo Revengers is an anime manga that was written by Ken Wakui and has been aired on television by the Liden Films from April to September 2021. This anime was all about avenging the death of the family of Takemichi Hanagaki. This anime will help you realize how important your family is to you and do everything just to save them even if it costs your life. In this series, you will not just only laugh, feel excited, but, it will really make you cry. That is the reason why this anime is trending worldwide. In every battle they engage, you will be hyped up because the animation is really cool with a good accompaniment of their background songs. This series can be downloaded on many anime sites that allow you to download it. You can get Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Crunchyroll, and Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Reddit by using its alternative.

Many people are eagerly awaiting the release of Tokyo Revengers Season 2 on Crunchyroll in order to keep up with the latest news. Another best option to download Tokyo revengers season 2 is by using a third-party tool. With the help of the VideoPower RED or ZEUS, you can easily watch all the episodes of this anime without losing quality and avoid annoying ads pop-ups. This tool is very helpful to achieve smooth anime streaming and enjoy any anime you like. Try to use the free version of Tokyo Revengers by clicking the link below.

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VideoPower RED (will jump to is a great tool because it does not only download anime but can also download the theme songs of your favorite anime. And because of its advanced feature, you can also do a screen recording using this tool. This tool has a lot to offer for you to easily get all your favorite anime movies or series.

Record the Tokyo Revengers 2 Trailer while Playing on your PC

Step 1: Select a recording mode

Open the VideoPower RED application then click the “Record” button. After that, you will see a “record” button, immediately click it to see a dropdown list of available recording modes. You can choose either “Region, Fullscreen, Around Mouse, Web Camera, and Audio Only.

In this example, we will set the recording mode by “Region”.

tokyo revengers season 2, select recording mode

Step 2: Start Recording Tokyo Revengers 2 Video

After selecting a record mode and record area, a countdown will automatically start indicating that the recording will start. Once started, a recording control panel will appear where you can click “Pause” or “Stop” the recording.

tokyo revengers season 2, recording mode

Step 3: The recording of the anime has been completed

The file that you recorded will be saved directly to your recorded list. To perform other options, just right-click the file.

record, VPR, series


Tokyo Revengers 2 in the manga is known for its powerful story and important morals. Despite the fact that the season is still in process, they are eagerly awaiting the conclusion and the release date of Tokyo Revengers 2.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most popular anime programs to watch in the year 2021. Using the tool to download Tokyo Revengers Season 2 is necessary to experience a hassle-free way of streaming.

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