Mieruko ChanMieruko Chan- The Girl who sees them is a Japanese horror-comedy manga series written by Tomoki Izumi. Its anime adaptation was released in October 2021. The story of this anime is about a girl who can see things that no one else can do. Often, when people see ghosts, they run, hide or face them.

However, Miko, who is Mieruko Chan’s main character, does nothing and ignores whatever she encounters. That’s why many anime lovers love this new anime because its story is not only focused on the awful but this anime will make you laugh too. Mieruko Chan episode 1 is available on hundreds of anime websites as this anime is still ongoing.

Because Mieruko Chan is a new anime, many people are curious about how to download or save episodes. Some may even wonder where to watch the Mieruko chan. Reading this article will allow you to download and save Mieruko Chan anime quickly. You can stream to 4anime, Animeland, Bili, and many more sites if you want to stream it online, but if you choose to save it and watch it offline, you need an alternative tool like VideoPower RED or ZEUS to do it.

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VideoPower RED (will jump to videopower.me) is the best tool for downloading alternatives. It has an auto-detection and screen recording function for saving your anime videos. In just a few steps, you will enjoy your download of the offline anime. Having this application is your best decision.

Method 1: Use Auto-Detect to Download

Step 1: Copy the Mieruko Chan Video URL to Download

Go to any website after searching for the Mieruko Chan Episode 1 video. When you find it, copy its URL.

save Mieruko Chan, copy URL to download

Step 2: Paste Copied URL

Open the software then click the “Detect” button paste inside the search the video URL you copied. Wait for a few seconds to download.

save Mieruko Chan, paste URL to download

Step 3: Check the progress

Click the “Downloading” button to see if you downloaded the video successfully.

download anime, video download

Step 4: The download is complete

Within minutes, your video was successfully downloaded. Click the “Completed” tab of the software to see your video. The software will automatically rename the video according to its original track. Right-click the file to see more options.

download anime, complete download

Screen recording for Mieruko Chan

Step 1: Select Recording Format

By using the screen recording, you need to set the recording format depending on the format you want. To do this, open the software and click the “Record” button under the “Record” menu. You can then select your recording format in the selection displayed on your screen.

record anime, set the recording format

Step 2: Start Recording

Once you set the recording area you want, a countdown to your screen will start showing. Press the “play” button of the video to record it. You can use the control panel of the software if you want to pause or stop your recording.

record anime, start recording

Step 3: Recording is complete

The video you recorded will be saved immediately once you click the software’s “Stop” button. Right-click the file to see its location and select the “Open Folder” icon.

record anime, complete recording


The first episode of Mieruko Chan will make you look at the other series. The story is not like those scary stories, because it has a twist that will make you laugh all of a sudden. It’s more convenient if you download and save Mieruko Chan for the purposes of offline streaming to prevent pop-ups coming from websites.

VideoPower RED is a very useful and recommended tool as it will not disappoint you when it comes to downloading and recording. The quality of the video you watch offline will be the same if you download the video. You can also do other tasks using this tool such as Convert, and Edit for basic editing.

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